Will Tim Horton’s Field be ready?

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

As contruction workers race to get Tim Horton’s Field ready for the Ticats’ home opener on July 26, the turf is being placed on the field.

But Councillor Lloyd Ferguson, a member of Hamilton’s stadium sub-committee, says don’t be too excited about that.

The company that makes the turf says it takes 52 days to have the field completed.

FieldTurf says the time frame for turf installation is “a casual estimate.”

The Ticats will be applying for an occupancy permit on July 15.


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  1. When the contractors say it will be ready by July 26 it means July 26th/2015. If they say it will cost 20 Million dolllars, it means 30 Million dollars and the politicians will tell you 15 Million. This is how Hamilton runs. In the case of stadium readiness, it means that all patrons will be standing because the seats will be late. Good luck all.

  2. What really bothers me is that Infrastructure Ontario (one of many baster child of the Ont Gov’t) promise the City of Ontario that the workers will work around the clock to get this stadium ready by July 26. In fact, I drive by there every day between 6-7PM (weekdays and weekends) and found no workers on site, no one to be seen. Also, new information about the field such that it will take at least 51 days to be fully installed, properly. That is a month more than what it was expected. As a season ticket holder, I am very very very …etc… disappointed. In fact, we are lucky if this stupid stadium will be ready by the end of August. Everything about this stadium is BS right from the very start and I am wondering why I ever bought season tickets for this year.