Drum4SickKids Campaign heads to Hamilton

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Drum4SickKids Campaign heads to Hamilton

A one man show will be taking over Hamilton’s downtown core tomorrow for a good cause.

Drummer Chris Gormley from the band Daylight for Deadeyes is taking his campaign Drum4SickKids across the GTA in an effort to raise money for the foundation.

Gormley who has garnered attention from marching with his drum through Toronto and New York says it all began with a one off show at the hospital.

After seeing the response from the kids and the band following the performance, Gormley decided to kick off the campaign.

The march will start  at 4pm on  Saturday July 5th at CHML studios,  making stops on Hess Street, Jackson Square and Augusta.

For more information about the Drum4SickKids campaign, visit www.sickkidsfoundation.com

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