Hamilton Police Hoping for Answers in a 30 year old Missing Persons Case

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Hamilton Police Hoping for Answers in a 30 year old Missing Persons Case

Hamilton Police are hoping the 30th anniversary of a missing persons case may jog some memories.

Sunday will mark three decades since David Nixon was seen by his family at the corner of King Street West and James Street North.

At the time he told a family member he was going to meet someone and headed west along King.

Nixon would be 54 years old now, but at the time of his disappearance he was  five foot ten and 150 pounds with curly light brown hair and blue eyes.

Police are hoping someone will have information that can resolve the case.


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  1. It gave me a chill to see about this young person. He said, he is going to meet some one, but did not say whom. Young people hate the discipline long ago, and now also. Most ended up in some sort of trouble as they are ending up today in some sort of trouble. So, it is true what the Bible say, on discipline. If it is withhold from the youth they meet a bad end.
    I am sorry to hear this story, but it may be could be an eye opener for parents, and more so for our youth to beware of those who approaches them with things that they are wanting and hoping for and they want so desperately now . Greed is the downfall of all of us. More so, the young and restless, when they see others having it and they also wanted for t hem self but it is not yet their turn to obtain it. So, they go for it at all costs.
    I also want to warn those who are not aware of “human trafficking” it is for both sexes now days due to the new ways of sexual desires. Also, for body parts. There is a big market for body parts, and who pay will want something young and healthy.
    I pray that our society will come to the understanding of that young people are not up to all that is need to be to live life with out danger. Even us adults now days are subject daily to new ways of those who are to do harm.