Football Players At Risk

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

I don’t know what makes me more angry; the fact that the Canadian Football League seems to take a nonchalant attitude toward  players inflicting blows to head, or the  neanderthal comments of  some of the so called experts , who seem to think it’s no big deal.

Amid a tsunami of lawsuits and medical evidence that concussions can lead to long term physical and mental health problems, the CFL turns a blind eye to the problem.

Case in point, three  members of the Tiger Cats are currently out of action with concussions, as a result of  head shots, or hits to the head.

It’s supposed to be illegal, but in all three cases, no justice was served; heck there wasn’t even a penalty called on any of those plays !

While other sports leagues and athletic organizations are cracking down on head shots, the CFL drags their heels.

Adding insult to injury, are the comments of some of the  talking heads on the TSN football broadcast.

Former player Jock Climie suggested that if they called all of the head shots that occur, all those penalties would slow the game down !

That’s like saying, let’s stop charging people with assault because it just clogs up the Courts.

Football is a violent game and if you don’t enforce the rules of the game, it quickly becomes a dangerous game.

Is it going to take a catastrophic injury  for  the CFL  to get the message ?


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