Fallout begins in stadium delay

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The fallout is starting in the wake of the construction delay at Tim Horton’s Field.

The builder is now facing millions in legal claims over lost football revenue and withheld payments.

Ticats CEO Scott Mitchell says the team will use every remedy available, including going to court, to recover the losses from the two July games.

The Tiger Cats lease with Hamilton requires the city to help the team recover the million dollars or more for every game missed due to stadium delays.

The builder Ontario Sports Solutions won’t be paid in full for the 145-million dollar stadium, including 45 million from local taxpayers, until construction is substantially complete.

Infrastructure Ontario vice president John McKendrick told council in 2012 penalties for late completion amount to interest charges on project financing, which at the time was estimated at up to 25-thousand dollars a day.

Officials will get together near the end of this month to try to determine a revised substantial completion date.

(Hamilton Spectator)


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  1. With this current city council I have to cringe that the short stick will be held by them!
    There is not one that has my confidence.
    just look at how they dropped the ball on its location.

    It should have been at Confederation Park were the former RV/camp site was. It is now just an empty parcel of land growing weeds! Something really fishy as to why it was not allowed to be considered……..Just saying.

    We have not had a Mayor or council person who had vision for this city since Victor K Copps. Look how his memory has been dealt with recently!