We’re Not There Yet

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

So, the new Transportation Minister is coming to town to meet with City Council to talk about public transit.

But, if anyone thinks he’ll be bringing a brief case full of cash for an LRT system, give your head a shake.

We already know that Hamilton is not included in this round of funding for LRT, the Municipal Affairs Minister Ted McMeekin reminded us of that on The Bill Kelly Show last week.

But we hear that the new Minister is a straight-shooting kind of guy, so this meeting would be a great opportunity to get some answers to some pressing questions .

For instance, when is the next round of funding, and what does Hamilton need to do to be at the top of the list when that happens ?

And , let’s not kid ourselves, the City still has some work to do as well.

There’s been an erosion of support for LRT both on Council and in the community and those  concerns about short term and long term costs need to be addressed.

There are some ideologically driven advocates for LRT who seem to think we’ve done all we need to do to justify a billion dollar investment in this community.

But to pry that kind of money from the government, you need to present a rock solid business case to show it will work.

The fact that so many citizens and politicians  still have unanswered questions and the fact that the government still hasn’t committed the big bucks, shows that we’re not there yet .


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  1. I can see by the huge amounts of comments on this blog, that nobody really gives a flying fig about the LRT…..at this point most of what I hear involves people crying for buses that actually arrive on time.