Driving without a license?

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Ontario Provincial Police are test driving a new tool in the search for people driving while their license is suspended.

It’s called automatic license plate recognition technology, that allows the officer to process the info on up to 3,600 plates an hour all while still behind the wheel.

 The unit, mounted on the roof of the cruiser,  sounds an alarm when approaching a vehicle with a suspended plate or license.

The officer still has to investigate whether the driver is the one suspended, but this scans a plate automatically instead of an officer having to type in the number, greatly speeding up the process while on patrol.

 Some have raised concerns about privacy but the privacy commissioner was consulted on this issue, and the info on non-offenders is deleted, preventing the gathering of data.

 What it does is allow police to process an incredible amount of information while performing regular duties.

No this is not like photo radar as nothing is sent in the mail and the officer still has to investigate every situation personally.

 It’s technology finally catching up to the bad guys.

And as the chief always says, ‘compliance is free!’

 I’m Scott Thompson.



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  1. Bravo to the Cops in embracing technology. How many times do we hear or read about morons who lost their right to drive – still ripping through the streets while suspended with a trunkful of drugs or guns. Maybe now I can feel a little safer on the road.

  2. crap ,,, more money for the pit.. You know if you fail to pay a ticket,,,,be it forgotten or misplaced, you will be driving with suspended licence for a week or two before it is in the mail. And then driving back from whatever, you will have to tow your car and then pay three fines, re instate the thing at a cost of about 600 bucks. The city probably has had it for years. This is a case of computer beating you at chess, unfair but so what, thumbs up ???? ooops wrong digit