OHIP to fund leukemia treatment for Anya Martinez

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News
OHIP to fund leukemia treatment for Anya Martinez

After an outpouring of community support it looks like the Ontario government will be stepping in to help a local girl suffering from a rare form of Leukemia.

Six year old Anya Martinez has been battling leukemia for the better part of her young life.

Since being diagnosed, Anya’s parents have worked hard to have her included in a exclusive clinical trial offered in the states but were unable to fund the 500 thousand dollars needed up front.

Initial attempts to have the Ontario Health Insurance Plan cover costs were denied but now according to Anya’s father Michael, the community support has prompted a response.

Hospital expenses will now be covered through Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, which will eventually be launching the same trial.

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