The Liberals got elected because there was no one else to vote for….not budget.

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The Liberals announced their budget yesterday.

No need to pay too much attention.

 It was the same old budget they introduced a few months ago that sent us to the polls.

It even had the same cover.

 No need wasting money repackaging the same old money spending document.

Here’s hoping this is the first of many examples of fiscal responsibility we’ll see from the Liberals, but don’t hold your breath.

 “Ontarians gave our government a strong mandate to implement the budget and the plan that we took to the people,” said a puffy Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

It is what the people wanted, it’s what got the Liberals elected?


No.  I think what got the Liberals elected was Ontarians were scared to death of the other alternatives.

 The budget didn’t get the Liberals elected.

 What got the Liberals elected was the fact Ontarians felt there was no one else to vote for.

 The Liberals should never forget that.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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  1. Listening to Wynne’s spin on Zamp’s show today made me want to throw up. But I got to hand it to her….her Propaganda coup is the greatest since Goebbels in Nazi Germany. She has seduced and wooed the whole flaming Province – and especially the Elite in Toronto who obviously have more disposable income to waste than the rest of us. But Germany paid by having its Country devastated by War; and in time soon Ontario will be devastated by bankruptcy when the lenders start calling their loans.