Brantford Man Still Missing

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Brantford Man Still Missing

The search continues for a missing 46 year old Brantford man who was last seen in Hamilton two days ago.

John Thomas Lavoie went missing after leaving his job as a taxi supervisor in Brantford about 5:30 on Monday Morning.

He was last seen on surveillance video at the Hamilton GO Centre on Hunter Street a few hours later.

At this point, it’s not known whether Lavoie left the Hamilton area or stayed here.

Police say Lavoie doesn’t appear to be in distress on the video and investigators and his family are at a loss concerning his disappearance.

He is white, 6-foot-1 with a medium build, short dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and glasses.

He was last seen wearing a blue shirt with buttons and thin white stripes, khaki pants and black boots.


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  1. It is becoming an epidemic in regards to peoples disappearing. We had the very strong full moon. It was very close to Earth, and it was bombarding the magnetic fields of the Earth with it’s own energy. It was a very violent full moon. I did sent out some prayers for protections.