You can’t buy championships

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

The Toronto Maple Leafs are #1.

No, they’re not the best hockey team in the NHL, that title belongs to the current Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

The Leafs are tops among all hockey teams on the latest Forbes list of the top 50 most valuable sports franchises.

In fact, the Blue & White are the only hockey team to make the list, coming in at 26 with a value of 1.1-billion dollars.

Number one on the top 50 list is European soccer powerhouse Real Madrid, worth 3.4-billion, more than three times as much as the Leafs.

La Liga rivals Barcelona are close behind at 3.2-billion dollars, followed by Manchester United at 2.8-billion.

The Yankees are the top baseball team on the list, in 4th place, at 2.5-billion.

The Cowboys are the most valuable NFL franchise, coming in at 2.3-billion.

And the Knicks are valued at 1.4-billion, lucky #13 on Forbes’ list.

It’s all well and good that these teams make money, but aside from a small handful of clubs, most of the top 50 teams have not had a sniff of a championship.

They may be able to buy great players and make tons of money, but it’s obvious you can’t buy trophies.


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