Pam Am Games security in residential area

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A gang of law enforcement officials are already meeting behind the scenes working on the ins and outs of Pam Am Game’s security.

Everything from gathering intelligence to monitoring threats that could cause a problem.

 A security expert on the show said a line of defence should be set up around the stadium, with different layers as you get closer to the actual entrance of the facility.

This poses an extra issue considering the stadium, which will house soccer fans from all over the world, is smack dab in the middle of a residential area.

 What this means is the houses immediately surrounding the stadium are within that security zone.

Residents will monitored before entry to that zone.

 Otherwise, what’s to stop a terrorist from renting a house across from the stadium a month or two before the games and using it as a terror hub?

 Does this mean security passes to get down your own street? Does this mean security checks, reports, and clearance for those living within the zone?

Do you have to report any guests that will be staying with you during the games?  What about your car or that of those who may be staying with you?

 One thing is for certain. 

You won’t be parking cars on your front lawn, at least, not without a sniffer dog.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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  1. I remember years ago when we had the “Aquafest” in the North End. Man 0 Man – the “Gestapo” was out in full force, and that was just to ensure there was no illegal parking or people’s driveways plugged…..overkill to say the least. But this Pan Am thing is much more complicated. I would not want to be a resident of that area when the Soccer games start. I just hope with a year’s notice, the security forces get their act together and are good to the residents, although I’m not holding my breath.