Mapping Out Dangerous Goods Around Hamilton

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Mapping Out Dangerous Goods Around Hamilton

Hamilton’s Fire Service is moving to find out more about what dangerous cargo is being hauled through the city.

It’s going to hire a new Industrial Disaster Planning Manager.

A key part of the job includes co-ordination of emergency planning with local industries and the associated movement of hazardous materials by rail, road and pipeline.

Fire Chief Rob Simonds says the move was prompted in part by community and council questions about the Enbridge Line 9 oil pipeline reversal and how Hamilton would respond to a tragedy like the Lac Mégantic derailment that killed 47 people last year.

It also comes as  Hamilton and other cities continue to seek real-time data about hazardous train cargo headed through their communities.

So far, CN and CP  have denied the request for real-time data, arguing the release of such information to multiple parties would be a major security risk.


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