Hamilton Asked For An E-Bike Strategy

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Hamilton Asked For An E-Bike Strategy

They’ve become the focus of a huge number of complaints to Hamilton’s bylaw department – so the city’s bylaw enforcement officer is calling on Hamilton Councillors to come up with a new strategy to deal with e-bikes.

Marty Hazell says the complaints focus on the use of the electric bikes on walking and cycling trails.

They can go up to 32 kilometres of an hour but riders aren’t required under provincial law to have a licence, insurance or plates.

Hazell tells the Spectator he’d like council to consider a “strategy” that focuses on education of riders and updating existing bylaws, rather than enforcement.

He points out bylaw officers can’t force riders to produce identification, meaning tickets are unlikely.


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  1. If you are going to do E-bikes why not do scooters too I have been hit by two scooters so far and each time I was told off by the driver. E-bikes are not allowed in malls and most of them stay on the road not on the sidewalks like scooters. Scooters don’t even have a warning horn like E-bikes! Scooters should be replaced with motorized wheelchairs for those that need them.

  2. These are bikes and I agree should be allowed on Sidewalks
    But imo Hamilton more problem with e-bike thieves Steel them
    who rewire the bikes to go faster

    Then resell them for Profit will Police do nothing .
    Hamilton is full of thieves it why I live else where ..

    • Sorry I need Clarify my option
      E-bikes should be allowed in Bike lines and Trails but not on sidewalks
      The City should Licence them charge $20.00 a year
      if caught by Police without a tag your Ticketed 150.00
      id have tag your caught breaking the law
      you lose your plate and can’t get new one for a year.