New stadium lottery; guess when it will be finished and win

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It does not look like the new Pan Am Stadium will be ready for the Ticats August schedule. No surprises here!

We kind of figuired that out when they announced it wouldn’t be ready for the home opener in July.

 Its too bad its left up to the fans to try and figuire out. 

You’d think they could nail down a more concrete opening date, it ain’t rocket science. 

 It would be nice if those involved would just call it like it is and stop pretending it will be ready when it won’t, or be something that it is not.

You know, under promise and over deliver.

 To try and make good of a continually bad situation I suggest we start a pool. A lottery.

Guess the date the new stadium will be finished, win a prize.

 Just like your typical Superbowl pool, just pick a square and throw down your $10.

 It could even be used as a fund raiser to help pay for the place, or maybe get us some upgraded carpet.

 One thing is for sure, it will make the wait a lot more fun.


I’m Scott Thompson.



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