Province remains committed to rapid transit funding

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Province remains committed to rapid transit funding

Everyone is saying the right things following a much talked about meeting between Hamilton staff and politicians and Ontario’s new Minister of Transportation.

Steven Del Duca, who has held the provincial portfolio for all of three weeks, left saying that he’s clear on the city’s desire for 100% funding of LRT on the so-called B-Line.

His commitment, like that of his predecessor continues to fall just short of that, in the form of a pledge to fund “100% of capital costs for additional rapid transit”.

Del Duca adds that he’ll continue to work with the city and that he will take back what he learned to the team at Metrolinx and the ministry, to “make sure we get this right”.

At least a couple of city councillors are feeling optimistic about the meeting.

Stoney Creek’s Brad Clark describes it as positive, despite the fact that everyone we heard, we’ve heard before.

He notes that there’s now certainty that the minister knows we have “high expectations” and he knows “how much money we require.”

Ward 1′s Brian McHattie suggests the most significant outcomes are the recommitment to 100% capital funding of rapid transit expansion, and the minister’s commitment to improve lines of communication between the city and Queen’s Park.


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