Cultural planners measure neighbourhood vibrancy

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Cultural planners measure neighbourhood vibrancy

Hamiltonians have weighed in on a recent CoBALT Connects study that set out to determine what residents thought would make a vibrant city.

The cultural planning company engaged a diverse range of volunteers from across Hamilton’s neighbourhoods with a survey meant to gauge their thoughts and impressions of each area.

CoBalt Connects brand leader, Jenny Gladish says the first block of data highlighted the role nature plays in creating a livable city.

Residents pointed to the number or trees and the air quality as contributing to vibrancy.

Traffic noise and poor walkability and big box stores were highlighted as being detrimental to the neighbourhood experience.

The next stage of the Vibrancy project will involve the use of the McMaster live lab where volunteers will have their biological responses measured when presented with visual and auditory information.

The CoBalt team hopes to compile the data to assist in maximizing the cities cultural assets.

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