US Steel charged after worker injured

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US Steel charged after worker injured

US Steel has been charged with three health and safety violations after a worker was crushed on the job last summer.

On July 5, 2013, a coke oven worker’s arm was crushed by a hydraulic arm.

The man was pulled from the machine by another worker and rushed to hospital.

He has since returned to work.

The first two charges that were laid by the provincial Ministry of Labour were because  the company failed to make sure there was enough clearance for the worker to be safe when “working in the path of travel of a hydraulic ram” and that US Steel “failed to take the reasonable precautions” to make sure a device called a charge car was stopped and wasn’t near a worker.

The third charge is because the company failed to provide information, instruction or supervision to a worker in completing the procedure.

The charges will be heard in court in September.


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