Sex offender moves from Gage Park to Fruitland Road

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Sex offender moves from Gage Park to Fruitland Road

Hamilton police are re-issuing an alert to residents about a convicted sexual offender living in the city because he’s moved to a different location.

On Friday, police reported that Keith Theodore Constantin was living near Gaga Park.

They’ve now learned he’s actually living in the Fruitland Road area.

Constantin has been convicted of raft of crimes including sexual assault and possession of explosives.

Police says their warning remains the same, they believe Constantin is a danger to re-offend.

By court order he is not to be alone with anyone under the age of 16, not to be present at any day care, public swimming pool, school ground or playground.

He must also abstain from alcohol or alcohol-based products.

Anyone with information about Constantin related to those conditions is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800–222-TIPS (8477).


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  1. I want to comment on the news about this high risk sex offender being relocated from gage park are to fruitland rd area. The area that he is living in now (we know the location of his home and he has been spotted) is a 30 second walk to a playground, soccer field and hockey arena. He is a 5 minute walk from an elementary school as well as a high school. He has been relocated to an area with families who have young children as well as teenagers. Cardinal Newman students as well as elementary students, are picked up and dropped off almost at his door. Thank you province for giving this creep a smorgasbord to choose from just outside his door.

    • To Cathrine, the commenter above, please give us his address, so that we may better protect our children. Thank you. It is not enough just to know the area, we need specifics.