LRT Soap Opera Continues

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If you’re a fan of the daytime soap operas on TV, you know that you can miss weeks, sometimes months of your favourite show and when you tune in again, not much has changed.

It’s the same with our local Soap Opera; let’s call it  ’All My LRTs’.

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and I even missed that much anticipated meeting with the new Transportation Minister and some Councilors; that’s where we were going to get some answers to the great mysteries of Hamilton’s LRT saga.

What does 100% funding mean ?

And, for that matter, is there an LRT in Hamilton’s future?

So, what was the outcome of this ‘not to be missed’ episode ?

Not much really.

In typical soap opera fashion, questions were answered with more questions.

Whether you support LRT or not, this  melodrama is becoming  tedious.

The story line is boring and the cast of characters  seem bland and uninspired.

Maybe we need  some of those dynamic  daytime soap stars to spice things up.

How about Victor Newman and Jack Abbott  fighting over control of  LRT for Genoa City ?

Instead, we have the same people re-hashing the same talking points  over and over again.

What should have been an engaging, energized discussion about Hamilton’s future has become tiresome and uninteresting to more and more voters.

Shame on all of the actors in this shabby soap opera for letting that happen.




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