Woman & girl rescued after separate falls

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Woman & girl rescued after separate falls

It was a busy weekend for gorge rescues.

A hiker was rescued from the Webster’s Falls area after straying from the path and trying to scale a gorge wall near Tews Falls and fell.

She was with two others and the first of them managed the climb, but the second woman lost her footing and fell between 25 and 50 feet to the bottom.

Twelve rescue units were called to the scene, including police, the fire department and EMS for a rope rescue which took close to two hours.

She had minor injuries.

Only minor injuries for a 12 year old girl after falling between 75 and a hundred feet down a ravine in Burlington yesterday afternoon.

Halton Regional Police say they slipped while walking with a friend at Burlington Creek Park about five.

The friend called the parents and EMS was summoned.

Five fire trucks, an ambulance and police were all on scene to help get the girl out.

She is recovering.

(Hamilton Spectator)


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