Work on new Go station being accelerated

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Work on new Go station being accelerated

There’s still no opening date, but we may soon see more construction activity on the new GO station on James Street North.

A Metrolinx official says work on the new $44-million station is being accelerated to be ready in time for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Project manager, Randal Dreise, say heavy machinery will soon be on site.

He also told a public meeting the station platforms will stretch from MacNab Street to almost Tiffany Street.

There will be 300 parking spaces, 32 bike shelters, and four bus bays.

(Hamilton Spectator)


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  1. Who can believe anything. This is came about the meeting on July 25th, behind closed doors one will assume. I guess the province wants to get the train moving into James St., N, and from then on through to Niagara Falls as soon as possible. It should never have been moved.
    It was a then Mayor who bed partnered with developers to try to get apartments build to get more money for the city, but it did not worked out. There is a reason why it did not.
    The young people who would live in the apartments wanted more flexible trains then they offered, and not only that, also they wanted cultural entertainments, and places to pass some of their times in relaxations in nice establishments. Hamilton did not have nothing to offer at that times for them. Even today is not to much during the week days.
    It will be really nice to see this project that is in the making since 2003 or so, to come to full terms. I hope it does what it is said, to “revitalize” the sleeping beauty , that is our city.

    • I saw this one coming from way back. Everybody knew what was going to happen and when the station needed to be completed. But was any serious work done on it for years? Of course not! So now, surprise, surprise, we’re in near-panic mode, we’ve got our backs to the wall, there may be a need for round-the-clock work and – get ready for it – the neighbours will be complaining about endless noise if that happens – and who is to blame them? If Metrolinx and the provincial government had taken this city’s GO Transit needs seriously right from the beginning, we wouldn’t be in this situation. But they didn’t – and they probably never will. Sad! Very sad!!