Mayor Wants Safer Downtown

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Mayor Wants Safer Downtown

Hamilton’s Mayor would like to see council take aim at improving a key area of the downtown.

Bob Bratina says King Street–east of James needs a clear strategy and that would include more officers on the street.

He says Hamilton is below the national average for policing.

Bratina says the city has about 150 police officers per 100-thousand population–about 50 officers below the national average.

The Mayor says the first priority for people is to feel safe in their  neighbourhood and when that happens revitalization can begin.


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  1. Dear Mayor Bob.
    You did in my neighborhood. That is James St., N, two years ago when you approved of a radical move to make it a shelter at the Missions Services. Of course you went for a promise that the mission will relocate their so called business to their new place. At that place are plenty of room to house all these people . They, those who have nothing to do all day, and wondering around about the city would be gathering at the New Missions Services, where there is food given, clothing given, some personal attentions be given, and some kinds of rehabilitation as a creative art project in some avenues of life. They should be thought life skill. One can be surprised just how many ideas could be brought into existence through those people who have idle mind.

  2. I think more police officers in the down town core would be a good idea. We have people drinking and peeing on the buildings and that doesn’t make the core attractive to visitors to our city, plus you can’t walk twenty feet without being asked for money.