What Is Our Long Term Plan To Get Rid Of Our Garbage ?

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Got a call the other day from a CHML listener who is new to the area.

He wondered why Hamilton is till using , as he described it, a middle ages method of dealing with garbage.

To be fair, we’ve done a pretty good job of  reducing the stuff that goes to landfill with our recycling programs, but we seem hesitant to take the next step and adopt new technology.

Maybe it’s because some people still think that  more   recycling   will  solve the problem.

I think a more practical solution is to explore the energy from waste systems that are being used extensively around the world.

Without getting too ‘techy’ about it,  the garbage is gassified and the by product of that process is converted to energy to supply power to local homes and businesses.

The problem is, some community members and sadly, some uninformed Councilors still equate this process with the  antiquated, pollution- belching incinerator that we used to have many years ago.

But, that’s simply not true.

Many Scandinavian  and European countries have been using this environmentally-  friendly  system for years now, and some forward thinking municipalities in Canada are doing the same.

My caller told me that he moved here because of the renaissance     happening in Hamilton.

But, he wondered  why  a growing 21st century city like Hamilton is still using  19th Century technology to deal with garbage ?

It’s a good question.


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  1. It bugs the hell out of me when I think of the Genius who invented this gassification process and NIMBYism and some “Middle Ages” City Fathers put the Kibosh to it without bothering to LISTEN to the process and the obvious benefits to all…typical Hamilton – never even entertain the thought of a new idea.