Burlington Skyway Closure: The Nightmare Continues

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News
Burlington Skyway Closure: The Nightmare Continues

There’s now confirmation that the Toronto-bound Burlington Skyway will not re-open until next week.

Ministry of Transportation officials confirm that it will stay closed until Monday, at the earliest, as structural engineers continue to probe the extent of damage.

In the meantime, the traffic nightmare caused by Thursday’s accident is continuing.

All the alternate routes around the through Hamilton are congested trying to
take the spillover traffic from the closure of the Toronto Bound QEW at Eastport.

Factor in the Civic Holiday Weekend and Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival and
you have a situation occurring at the worst possible time.

The closure–caused by a dump truck with the bed raised slamming
into the structure–will last till further notice.

The structural integrity of the bridge is being assessed and a repair
plan has to be mapped out.


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