Skyway Closure Exposes Hamilton’s Lack of Capacity

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Skyway Closure Exposes Hamilton's Lack of Capacity

The Toronto bound Skyway closure is making a lack of local traffic capacity glaringly obvious.

Stoney Creek Councillor Brad Clark says the daily rush hour slow downs on the Linc and Red Hill prove we need expanded roads and we ignore it at our financial peril.

Clark says “goods movement” is a significant component of Hamilton’s gross domestic product and if it’s not improved our tax base will suffer.

Clark says we need an alternate route and additional lanes on the 403, Linc and Red Hill.

Here are some alternate routes to take:

  • From east end or Niagara – Take Red Hill Valley Parkway to the Lincoln Alexander – follow to eastbound Hwy 403 which continues to QEW EB towards Toronto – not the best option as traffic is reportedly backed up from Upper Wentworth and the 403 is backed up from Hwy 6 up the Ancaster Hill
  • Eastport Drive is an option, but heavy congestion and a stalled vehicle at 7 a.m. poses a problem – this runs under the Skyway bridge and can be accessed where the Toronto-bound QEW is closed off
  • Take a drive through Hamilton – if you are on the Toronto-bound QEW from Niagara exit at Centennial Parkway and exit on  Burlington Street. Take Burlington St. westbound to James Street – head south and turn right at York Blvd. Access to the EB 403 will be on your right. Or – from Burlington Street, exit at Wellington Street and take Cannon Street into the west end.
  • In lower Hamilton, take Cannon Street westbound straight through the city past Bay Street. Turn Left onto Queen Street or even Bay Street and follow to King Street. Turn right and see the ramp for the EB 403.
  • On the Hamilton Mountain – you may want to avoid the Linc and take an alternate Mountain access into the lower city – options include Kenilworth, Queen Street Hill, and Claremont. There is also Rymal Road and Stone Church Road with direct access to the QEW from Garner Road (Rymal becomes Garner).
  • Lower city residents may want to utilize Cannon Street to get to the west end as Barton and King are also reportedly at a standstill


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  1. What a traffic mess. I was going through Hamilton on Cannon street this morning and it was stopped for the most park of the journey. Wonder how much worse it could have been if the ridiculous bike lanes were there. Come on City Council, stop choking off the arteries that go east west with stupid ideas like bike lanes and bus only lanes.