Why We Should Be Concerned About Ebola Virus

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

The story of the tragic deaths of over  700 Africans from the Ebola Virus is a sad and heart-wrenching story.

But, for many Canadians, it’s a story that’s happening  ’over there’ , half a world away, and although tragic, it’s nothing for us to worry about.

We shouldn’t be so smug.

Ebola is frightening; there seems to be no known cure and we need to  learn from history when dealing with a deadly virus.

The SARS virus was thought to be no threat to North Americans, but somehow, likely through airline travel, someone brought the virus to Toronto.

That resulted in death, many illnesses and a panic which caused severe economic strife to Southern Ontario.

Technology has made the world a smaller place and we need to be vigilant about the risk of pandemics.

Public Health officials tell us that the lack of  clean drinking water and the spread of  micro viruses are two of the greatest concerns to  human sustainability.

And, if SARS taught us anything, it was that for humanitarian reasons and for reasons of  self preservation, we need to be concerned about  the spread of this deadly virus.

It’s not time to panic, but it is time to be aware , and to be prepared.


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