Stephen Harper Could Learn A Thing Or Two From WW I History

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

I suppose it’s the hypocrisy that bothers me the most.

There was Stephen Harper yesterday, marking the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I, praising the young men of Canada who left their families and jobs to fight, and for many, to die in the ‘Great War’.

The Prime Minister didn’t talk about  Sir Robert Borden , the Prime Minister of that time, and that’s regrettable , because the current Prime Minister could learn a thing or two from Robert Borden.

Borden addressed the troops before they went oversees; he told them that Canada was proud of their sacrifice and that Canada would stand with those men upon their return from the war and give our soldiers the help they would need.

Compare that kind of commitment to our troops to the shoddy treatment that the current government offers to Canadian veterans.

In fact, as Stephen Harper  praised the valour of those Canadian troops of 100 years ago, his government’s lawyers are arguing in Court that, contrary to what Prime Minister Borden told the troops, the government has no moral or legal obligation to offer full assistance to Canadian veterans.

Closing down veterans offices and  denying benefits to  injured vets is not the way to thank Canadian soldiers for their valour and sacrifice.

On this 100th anniversary of World War I, Stephen Harper could learn a thing or two from Robert Borden  about commitment to our Canadian heroes.



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  1. I guess all is in the law now days. If is not, then it is not so. He could make it a law what Primer Minister Borden promised. He does not want it to, because it will cost money and he feel that would cut into his plans to get reelected. But, he takes the freedom with out thinking of those who gave their life for it. It is in Stephen Harper’s power , as Prime Minister to make that law. He does believe that will not benefit him in any ways on his own plan for the future. “Medals are great as a rewords, but one can not eat them for as daily bread. “