Brantford mom needs help geting daughter out of Gaza

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Brantford mom needs help geting daughter out of Gaza

A Brantford mother is asking the Canadian government to help get her daughter out of Gaza.

Wesam Abuzaiter says her 8 year old daughter Salma went to Gaza with her father in June.

Two weeks later — The Canadian government issued warnings for citizens to leave the war zone.

But Wesam says her husband is a physician and doesn’t want to leave because he’s helping to treat the wounded.

She tells the CBC she deeply understands her husband’s conflict — but worries for her daughter.

She wants Salma’s uncle to take her across the border at Egypt but says the Canadian government has advised her to send her daughter on a UN bus without a relative.

Wesman says she’s afraid to send her daughter without a family escort.


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  1. Oh My God. Please intervene for this child of 8 yr. of age. She is to young to be put through a trauma. I know because I was in the second world war, and be left with out parents due to the war. It was terrifying for me. So, I, ask the supernatural to make the the needed steps to be taken by the right authorities, and by the right people for the young mind of this child.
    I know there where there is a will, there is a way. May mother and child be reunited as soon as it is possible to be . I pray for this. Mama, keep up the prayers, and your hope.