Hamilton Cab Office B&E

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Hamilton Cab Office B&E

We’ve reported on a lot of cab robberies but this time someone decided to go to the source.

Dispatchers at Hamilton Cab’s office on Cannon Street East heard someone breaking in Monday night and called police.

A suspect made off with money, stamps and other items.

An employee first tried to chase down the suspect, but was threatened with being stabbed.

Then police managed to make an arrest.

Charged with break and enter, possession under five thousand dollars, uttering threats and other charges is 36 year old Raymond Moore of Hamilton.


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  1. This 36 yrs. old, is not a child. He know what he was up to.
    And if he have different understanding from the right things to do in society I think he needs to think about it in the cooler. But, please, n o TV. for him, solitary it should be. As it is known that the mind can not process anything when it is overloaded with all kinds of thoughts. I, think this kinds of people should be sent on an expeditions. Such as to the north pole. With minimum gear and let them use their creativity there. We have the place to put these people and that is for their own good. There they can not harm any one. There they have to put up the self defense.