Skyway Closure Shows Importance of Roads To Our Economy

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

The good news is that the  Toronto- bound lanes of the Skyway Bridge are , once again, open for business.

But the shut down of that bridge last weekend, underscored the  importance of  roads to the Ontario economy.

To those  ideologically inclined government officials and  commentators who say we don’t need any more roads , look at the gridlock that occurred .

And for the record, other forms of goods movement such as rail and air and water and already being used by industry, but highways  still matter.

This Provincial government needs to renew their commitment  for a Mid Penn Highway  from Fort Erie to connect with the  400 series highways near Cambridge.

We  always seem to frame our debates about  transportation as an ‘either/ or ‘ scenario .

We either build better public transit or better roads.

As long as we’re stuck in that kind of  ideological tug of war, we’re never going to move forward.

Sadly , the debate has been dominated by people on both sides who are unwilling to see the folly of their entrenched position.

We need a government that will invest in both.

We need massive investment in public transit, within cities and connecting cities.

But the Skyway Bridge closure should serve as a stark reminder that road infrastructure is, and will continue to be, a key component of our economy and our lifestyle  for some time to come.


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  1. Hoo boy – is your LRT halo pinching a little bit, Bill ? I’ll bet our beloved Tim Hudack is having a quiet laugh and saying “I told You So” One drunken cowboy smashes into the bridge and the system is paralyzed, because there’s no decent way around. One cannot compute the losses in delayed deliveries – cost of repairs – cost of investigations, much less the repairs. Are you listening there – KATHLEEN ? Not everybody takes public transit !