Feds Need To Step Up

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Too often, common sense and pragmatic political solutions get lost in the quagmire of partisan politics, especially here in Canada .

Case in point is Premier Kathleen Wynne’s plea for more Federal infrastructure spending, not just in Ontario, but right across the country.

Typically, her comments were dismissed as just another Liberal Premier berating the Harper Conservatives; but, in fact, every Premier, of every political stripe, has made the same request, and frankly, they have a valid point.

Canada is the only country in the G8 without a national housing strategy or a national transportation policy.

Oh sure, they will fund projects, but usually on an ad hoc basis, often based on the political payback, instead of the overall needs of the country.

All of those wonderful  Light Rail projects and roadway improvements that we read about in so many American cities are funded to large degree with Federal money.

That doesn’t happen much here in Canada and cities suffer as a result.

The Premier’s aren’t looking for a handout, they’re looking for the same kind of co-operation that other  federal government’s offer to their cities.

Is that really too much to ask ?


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  1. First of all – we cannot compare ourselves to the Yankees, as they have ten times the population and ten times the wealth and a much more temperate climate than us. And Second – I don’t blame Harper for not transferring money to Ontario. For the last ten years the Liberals have wasted any money sent to them and all but bankrupted this Province to the benefit of no one. Why give out money when it may as well have been put in a paper shredder ? And it is also no secret that for years, Hamilton has been a dumping ground for refugees and immigrants that are virtually unemployable – even if we did have the industrial jobs that once were easily available. Hence the poverty and the constant appeals to fill up the food banks.