British PM Implores Harper to Support Injured Veterans

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Here’s an interesting , new wrinkle with the ongoing debate about Canada’s shoddy treatment of  Canadian Vets suffering from PTSD and other physical and mental health issues.

Last week, President Obama signed into law a bill that significantly increases  money and support programs for American Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

And British Prime Minister David Cameron publically urged Stephen Harper to sign onto a NATO policy that would provide whatever it takes to assist returning war veterans.

In fact, the NATO policy states that governments have a moral responsibility to assist veterans who have been injured in service to their country.

How ironic that, while NATO  recognizes that responsibility, lawyers for the Harper government are arguing in Canadian Court that their government has no moral or legal responsibility to injured vets.

It just shows how out of step Canada is on this issue.

The Harper government’s policy toward our wounded Canadian soldiers   has elevated from a national disgrace to an international embarrassment.

As  veterans march across the country to raise awareness and as international leaders urge Canada to be more caring  to wounded vets, and as stories of suicide and mental health issues mount, this government insists it’s done nothing wrong.

It’s sad, really.

Bu the international embarrassment pales in comparison to the injustice to our Canadian Heroes.


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