EPS honoured for being a leader in suicide intervention

Edmonton, AB, Canada / iNews880

The Edmonton Police Service is being honoured as a leader in suicide intervention training.

LivingWorks is an internationally recognized organization that has developed ASIST, the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training program. EPS has been teaching ASIST to its members since 2009, and is being recognized for their efforts.

EPS Chaplain Lawrence Peck says for each person trained, an average of three interventions take place.

“We have almost 900 people now trained,” Peck explains. “So if you multiply that, that’s a fair number of people who can be influenced and given hope and helped to maybe find another course rather than suicide.”

Peck says the workshop is offered on a voluntary basis to older members, but is now mandatory for all new recruits.

“It’s two days of their training that they receive so that they are better equipped to deal with people.”

He adds the workshop is offered to all EPS civilian staff, too, not just sworn members. (scb)


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