Hamilton cop apologizes for Williams tweet

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

After posting a tweet about Robin Williams, a Hamilton Police Sergeant is now apologizing.

Sgt. Jay Turner tweeted last night, “Dear Robin Williams: I truly wish you could have chosen to set a better example for those suffering with mental health challenges.”

That brought a lot of responses.

One tweet suggests that blaming the victim doesn’t help those suffering from depression, while another suggested the Hamilton Police Service should reconsider who they allow to tweet.

Sgt. Turner has since apologized for the tweet and has deleted the post.


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  1. Let not condemn Jay the police Sergent for his feelings. He felt truly and wished that Robin Williams would have had a different path. Would we not all wish that? Of course we are sorry for the outcome of way of death at the same times. When we say we wish a path for the others better then they took, opens us up to sympathy. Nothing to do with us condemning the person for their doings. I call this love. But, many times love is misunderstood.