It Shouldn’t Have Happened

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

The death of race car driver Kevin Ward Jr , last weekend was so tragic and so unnecessary.

Ward died when he left his damaged car and ventured onto the race track to point an accusing finger at fellow driver Tony Stewart.

The two had been involved in a collision just moments before.

No one knows what was going through Kevin Ward’s head as he brazenly walked onto the track.

No one knows what Tony Steward was thinking.

Was it road rage ?

We see that all the time on our roadways, drivers get ticked off at another driver’s actions and try to ‘get even’  with yelling or hand gestures or, sometimes by using the car as a weapon.

Some accuse Stewart of that kind of action because of his history of  bad temper.

I don’t agree.

In the split second that Stewart had to react to Ward walking toward him on the track, swerving either way would likely have had the same result.

The problem here is that Ward’s actions are , for all intents and purposes, condoned by the racing fraternity.

Many of them think that showboating like that is good for the sport, much like the  hyperbole of  wrestling.

Was Ward playing to that twisted logic when he walked onto the track, or was he fueled by road rage?

We’ll never know.

But a young family is without a father and a husband and fans have to ask themselves, was it really worth it ?


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