City committee okays controversial condo project

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City committee okays controversial condo project

Despite protests from residents in the area, a new condo development below the escarpment has been approved by the city’s planning committee.

It’s agreed to change the zoning for industrial lands on Charlton Avenue East so a developer can go ahead with his proposed plans for three multi-storey condo or apartment buildings.

Residents in the area are afraid the buildings will block their views of the escarpment and create traffic and parking problems.

But city planners say it makes great use of a brownfield site and fits the city’s goals for the growth near the downtown.




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  1. Waste no time with city hall. They will win and they are getting paid for while they are in the process. And those who oppose go away loosing with lots of time spent for nothing. No one has time today to give it for charity for the city people to look good in the eyes of the world.
    A smart person moves before all that becomes to be known and that is the only option.
    So, you are all still in time to make a move . Real estate is strong. That will solve your problems. That is how it is now and always have been. I have been in battle before with city hall and lost many hours years ago and they always had a victory.