Can The Media Let Robin Williams Rest In Peace ?

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Enough already with the baseless and inaccurate analysis of the death of Robin Williams !

Williams took his own life  a few days ago, but he is still being assaulted by insensitive  social media posts and dim- witted media commentators, such as Sheppard Smith of Fox News.

Smith’s  assertion that  Williams was a coward for taking his own life, is not only insulting , it also perpetuates the myths of suicide and depression.

After an avalanche of protest over his remarks, Smith did offer  a half-hearted apology , but clearly, he and so many others have no idea of the  ravages of Depression .

I know people who are living with Depression and  substance abuse and I know that every day can be a monumental challenge for them.

The fact that Williams joked about his mental health issues  shouldn’t make us conclude that they were less real  or less crippling to him.

Instead of trying to analyze why Robin Williams  took his life, we should realize that there are thousands more who also tragically lose their battle with Depression.

It’s an insidious mental disorder that  can attack anyone, from a comic genius to a military veteran or anyone else.

The media buzz about Robin Williams will soon die down, but we hope the discussion about the demons that he and millions of others are dealing with, is just beginning.




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