Labour Day at Tim Hortons Field “a real stretch” (audio)

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

A Hamilton councillor says it will be “a real stretch” to have Tim Hortons Field ready for the Labour Day Classic.

Lloyd Ferguson told CHML’s Bill Kelly Show “there’s a 60 to 70 per cent chance” that it will be ready in time.

Ferguson, who toured the stadium last week, admits he was surprised to see the amount of work that still needs to be done.

He says he doubts there will be concession stands, adding the priority now is health, fire and safety.

But guard rails and hand railings have not been completed and elevator installation has yet to be finished.

The Tiger-Cats are set to host the Toronto Argonauts on September 1 after stadium construction delays forced the team to play its first three home games at McMaster University.

The original plan was to have Tim Hortons Field completed by June 30.

The construction company has assured the team and city that it will meet the Labour Day deadline.



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  1. Haste makes waste. If you rush it it could cause even bodily harm.
    Who will pay for a persons lifetimes disability. No insurance that will or can cover some one lifes earnings capacities. The heads must thing right. So, keep it closed before given
    an inspections of 100 per cent. But, not, the kinds of 100 per cent that is done with the eyes closed. Like usually it is done in these cases. People comes first. Leave the rest for later.
    Chances are for lottery not for on human lifes. Now days look at all the recalls of the automobile . It is for the same very reason for that they rushed it through to beat the other companies. It already caused not just injuries but also death. Now, they are recalling by the thousands. Ten years ago would took not much more then a delay of few days to put a safe and trouble free product on the market.

  2. Well Well! Looks like the city council decision to force this issue to build at the old site is coming home to Roost. Just like everything else they do it’s a DISASTER

    This as I have stated before, the Stadium should have been located at Confederation Park just like the Football team lobbied for. It was a perfect location good parking immediately available and access to major hi ways. Nothing this city does is ever right. There should be an investigation why this site was taken off the page!