Downtown McMaster Deal Handled Poorly By Everyone

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

The proposed McMaster downtown campus , which the City has been desiring for years , met with stiff resistance from City Council last week and , if the City blows this chance to make it happen, there’s more than enough blame to go around.

Given how City Council dragged their heels on the downtown medical centre project, you’d think the McMaster people would have a comprehensive report ready when they asked Council to partner with them to qualify for a substantial Provincial grant.

Apparently, that didn’t happen; in fact, we’re told that only two Councilors even knew about the proposal.

And what about those two Councilors ?

McHattie and Farr  should know full well that you can’t  foist a major project like this on Council at the last minute and expect support; that’s just giving  their ‘ less-than-visionary’  colleagues a reason to say NO, which is exactly what happened.

McHattie’s behavior is especially troubling; he’s a Mayoral candidate who professes to work with Council to build consensus .

Keeping  Council in the dark on a key issue for weeks and weeks  as McHattie did is hardly the way to build consensus.

City Council will re-visit this issue in a couple of weeks, but if it ultimately succeeds, and that’s a big ‘ if’ , it will do so in spite of the  fumbling and bumbling that’s occurred so far.





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