Hamilton Bike Share to Include the Mountain

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Hamilton Bike Share to Include the Mountain

Hamilton’s Bike Share program is going to involve the Mountain, after all.

Originally, the plan was to start Bike Share in the lower city and then expand to the mountain, but public demand is creating the additional locations.

The four newly announced sites are at Fennell and West 5th, the top of the Wentworth stairs , on  Concession Street close to Juravinski Hospital, and at Mountain Drive Park.

Hamilton received 1.6 million dollars to start a bike-share program,  for 750 trackable bikes and have them available on a subscription basis for about 84 dollars a year at 108 stations around the city.

Five hundred of the bikes have already arrived.

The program is being run for Hamilton by Social Bicycles of New York City.

It’s expected the bike-share program will be running by the fall.
(Hamilton Spectator)


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