Fewer Hamilton ridings, same number councillors, says Don Ross

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Fewer Hamilton ridings, same number councillors, says Don Ross

A former city councillor wants to get Hamiltonians more involved in the upcoming municipal election by re-drawing the municipal boundaries to mirror federal boundaries.

Don Ross suggests Hamilton should have five municipal ridings, with three councillors per riding. This would mean on election day voters would have to mark their ballots three times to elect three councillors for their riding.

“Then you would have a change in dynamics, everyone would be representing the same number of people and I believe there would be change in the number of councillors on council over time,” Ross told the Bill Kelly Show Monday.

The format is not only meant to deal with the issue of a disenfranchised voter. It’s also mean to pump fresh blood into council and alleviate the disparity between the number of residents in each riding.

“By doing this, the other thing you do is your keep the places alive that want to be kept that way,” said Ross. “Ancaster will still be a distinct part of the community.”

Ross said when he was councillor there were two representatives of each riding. Ross represented west Mountain from 1985 to 1997.


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