Ice Bucket Challenge

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Many of you who regularly follow social media know about the “Ice Bucket Challenge”.

For those who don’t.

 Participants are challenged to record themselves being doused in a bucket of ice and post it on social media, OR donate $100.  to their favourite charity.

Then pass the challenge on to others via your ‘friends & followers’.

 Everyone from celebrities to common folk are recording their antics and posting on Twitter and Facebook.

 It’s a stunt that started with a group of pro athletes.

 The charity part was an afterthought because most dared and gave anyway.

 However, now more are just taking their 15 seconds of fame on the coat tails of their favourite social media site, instead of actually donating to charity.

Either way I’m sure any PR is good PR for charities.

 But in the end, it would be nice if people would just give the money.

Because it was in their hearts, not because it gave them more ‘likes’.

 I’m Scott Thompson.



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