Another study saying more competition is needed in alcohol sales

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You can tell its summer time because we’re talking the Beer Store and LCBO.

Mind you, lately, this seems to be a discussion we’re having 12 months of year.

 Yet another study has come out saying the provincial government would make more money, and we would be paying less, if competition was added to the way we sell alcohol in this province.

The Liberals have their own study from 2005 that says the same.

 This is not about selling or eliminating these institutions, it’s about having those and adding more competition.

 The stake holders in the monopoly say its better this way.

The others, including the majority of Ontarians, say give it a try.

 After all if the way it, is better, the rest will die on the vine.

That’s competition.

 The reality is in the numbers.

 Across the river in Gatineau you can buy cases of tins of Molson Canadian for a buck a beer.

Meanwhile in Ottawa you’re paying over $40 for 24 cans.

 If the Beer Store and LCBO are best, they will survive.  The province will make its money either way.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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