Little League Coach Teaches Us All A Lesson

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

Let’s face it,in the last couple of years, men and women who coach kids sports teams have been given a bad rap.

We’ve seen way too many examples of coaches yelling and screaming  at kids, or tripping them on the ice, and it’s made some parents skittish about letting their kids play organized sports.

That’s why the actions of a  coach at the Little League World Series is so heartening.

His team lost and the kids were upset, but his speech to his kids was truly amazing.

He talked about pride and dedication and reminded the kids, and everyone who’s seen the video since, that yes, winning is important, but team sports for kids is also about building character and respect.

A lot of coaches, and parents forget that .

The great Bobby Orr told me that if  he’d been exposed to one of those out of control coaches when he was a kid, he probably would have quit , like so many other kids do.

Instead, Orr’s coach told his kids to play hard but also to  have fun , the pressure of winning will come  later in life.

The overwhelming majority of kids who play sports are never going to play professionally; but they can learn about team work and respect and have a little fun doing it.

That Little League coach understood that.

We need more like him.



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