Mayoral candidate introduces business contract

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Mayoral candidate introduces business contract

Mayoral candidate Brian McHattie has reached the mid point of his 100 day neighbourhood tour introducing his Open For Business Contract.

The Ward 1 councillor has been travelling across the city talking to residents and business owners about the priorities in their communities ahead of October’s municipal election.

“The idea is to get this contract that we would each sign, the small business owner, the applicant, the developer and the city, and we’d have a city staff person charged with being the champion of that project,” said McHattie.

He explains one city staffer would follow a business proposal through all the different stages and the different departments until fruition.

“Two folks in my area who are building purpose-built student housing, which is much needed for the number of McMaster students in the Ainslie-Wood/Westdale neighbourhoods,” he said. “They’ve got to hit the right timeline to open up in September for when the students comeback. There hasn’t really been the acknowledgement of that by some of our staff and it’s taken longer to get those approvals.”

He also said the conditions of Hamilton’s roads is a top concern for residents.

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