Gourmet foodbanks?

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There seems to be a refocus needed on what the role of food banks are in Ottawa.

The Parkdale food bank in that city has said, thanks but no thanks, to everything from Kraft dinner to margarine and hot dogs.

 Obviously they don’t need the food?

 They say everybody deserves good quality food, even those who can’t afford to buy it.

They also give classes to teach clients how to cook.

 That sounds nice, and all, but local food banks here leave that choice to the user.

And to be blunt, most food banks can’t afford to be picky.

 So when a load of gum came in it was accepted and distributed across various outlets across Hamilton as a treat.

After all, doesn’t everybody deserve a treat once in a while too?

 Are we not told what to buy for the food bank?

They buy the food with the money you donate.

 Issues such as storage, refrigeration, and facilities needed to prepare such a meal are also limited.

I’m sure their hearts are in the right place, but it’s simply not the reality in most food banks.

 It seems the energy could be better spent in the ongoing struggle to get people off of food banks, rather than making the experience long term.

 I’m Scott Thompson.


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