Teen helps Hamilton cop save choking girl

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Teen helps Hamilton cop save choking girl

It seems the Hamilton police officer who saved the life of a choking child earlier this week had some help from the teenager who was present for a ride along.

Const. Jennifer Lafleur had an 18-year-old in the cruiser with her, as part of the Youth and Policing Initiative, when a call came over the radio of a girl choking at Central Park.

When the two arrived on the scene people were gathered around the 13-year-old, barely conscious, girl who had been sucking on a Jolly Rancher candy. Police say no one had done anything to help the girl.

“(Susan) rose to action by calming everyone down,” explained the initiative’s coordinator Hope Pavia.

While Const. Lafleur preformed the Heimlich Maneuver on the young girl in distress, her police helper calmed the crowd of panicking people.

“A panicked crowd can put some pressure on the officer,” Pavia told the Scott Thompson Show Friday. “There were a lot of children around. The girl’s grandmother was panicking a bit, letting her know that the girl was going to be alright.”

After several attempts the piece of candy was dislodged. EMS took the girl to hospital where she was later released.

The Youth And Policing Initiative offers students eight weeks of employment with Hamilton police.

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