Heat Advisory Will Be Short

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Heat Advisory Will Be Short

It’s taken a while for it to feel like summer in Hamilton and it won’t last long.

The City’s Medical Officer of Health has issued a heat advisory for today, but only for today.

It’s due to the combination of temperature and humidity which can impair the cooling effect of sweating, and increase the risk of heat-related illness particularly in the elderly and very young.

You can help ease the effects by drinking lots of water and going to a cooling station and take it easy.

Watch out for the signs of heat exhaustion include heavy sweating, weakness, cold, pale and clammy skin; weak pulse, fainting and vomiting.

Any of that means you should immediately go to the ER.

However, this won’t last long.

The forecast is calling for a cold front to come into our area late this afternoon or early this evening with tomorrow’s forecast  high is 23.

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