Justice Minister Gets Cozy With Gun Lobbyists

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News

What was Peter MacKay thinking ?

How many times have we asked that in the last few years?

The Justice Minister has posed at a Conservative Party fundraiser wearing a ‘No Compromise’ T shirt, which is the T shirt and the slogan of the National Firearms Association, a lobby group that wants to abolish what gun control laws are still left in Canada, and allow the sale of semi-automatic weapons to anyone who wants them.

In fact, the NFA advocates for the abolition of gun licences and on their website, encourages gun owners to start training their kids to use firearms.

Timing is everything; as the trial is about to begin for a man accused in the killing spree  in New Brunswick, and a young , innocent girl is shot and killed as she left her job in Toronto , Canada’s Justice Minister decides to pose with a lobby group that wants more guns on our streets.

Of course, the Conservative spin doctors will get to work on this, and tell us that the Minister didn’t know who these people were, which, if it were true, would underscore the naivete or incompetence of the Minister and his staff.

Cosying up to a gun lobby is either a glimpse of Peter MacKay’s true feelings about guns, or it’s a huge , political gaffe.

Either way, it’s going to make a lot of Canadians question his suitability as Justice Minister.

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